Family Fish Recipes

13 December 2016

Tasty Family Fish Recipes to Get Kids Hooked on Fish 

We all know that fish is good for us and that we should eat more of it. But many parents choose their battles, and getting kids to just eat their daily vegetable intake can be challenging enough. Experts, however, recommend that a balanced diet should include two to three servings of fish or seafood a week. That’s quite a lot of fish, especially when you have kids around the table who are happier pushing the fish around their plates than put it in their mouths.

So how do you get your family to eat more fish? By checking out some great family fish recipes that will have your kids asking for seconds. What are some of these famed recipes? It just so happens we have a collection of recipe books available for free. These professionally produced recipe books are yours to download and enjoy right now. Some of the books available include our Back-To-School and Flavours of the World recipe books.

Oftentimes, back-to-school means back to the kitchen for mom. Thankfully, we’ve devised some really easy and tasty family fish recipes for you and your kids to enjoy. These healthy and delicious dishes are great for busy weekday evenings when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare difficult meals. Feel free to grab your copy right now, and turn fish on its head forever.

Fast, Fun, and Tasty Family Fish Recipes

We have quick and easy family fish recipes sure to appeal to every South African family. What recipes are we talking about? Take a look at these:

  • Peppered sole;
  • Fresh Cape whiting on spring mash;
  • Pan-fried hake with a tomato and dill salsa;
  • Portuguese Sea Harvest lemon pepper grill bakes;
  • Kingklip with Cajun rub and jasmine paw-paw salad; and
  • Crisp and chunky Moroccan on a minted couscous salad, among many others.

We have top-rated recipes that have been tried and tested by the toughest crowd there is: moms and their offspring. With decades of experience not only in catching and preparing fish, but developing family recipes to help the world enjoy tasty ways of including fish in their diets, we know how to keep kids coming back for more.

Look Forward to Affordable, Healthy and Delicious Fish Products from Sea Harvest

We have a stable of loved products that have become part and parcel of South Africa’s fibre. Appealing to South Africans from all levels of society, our products ranging from plain hake to grilled and steamed fish, smoked, and battered fish help to keep South Africa fed and healthy.

Since 1964, we’ve been working in the harbour town of Saldanha to bring hake to the world. Today, we employ more than 2000 people, and process over 40 000 tonnes of hake each year. That’s a massive amount of fish, sure, but we’re working harder than ever to keep up to the demand! So, take a look at our tasty family fish recipes, get inspired with incredible dishes and ideas, and make it easy for your family to dive into the delicious goodness of our products.

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