Fishing Advice For Beginners

26 February 2018

Thinking of taking up Fishing as a hobby? It’s a great way to relax, escape and makes for a fun getaway on the weekends. We’ll break the basics down for you…

1. Do some research
First and foremost, equip yourself with the basic knowledge of sustainable recreational fishing. Visit to establish the type of fish you are allowed to catch, as this will guide you where to fish, what time of day to fish, the type of bait you will use as well as the appropriate reels and rods to buy. Don’t go overboard and spend thousands; just invest in the basics.

2. Dress the part
Wear suitable clothing for your fishing adventure. A waterproof jacket is a must if the weather calls for it. Also, carry a hat with a wide brim and don’t forget the sunblock. Wear boots if you will be wading in shallow water.

3. Plan ahead
Fish are sensitive to weather; it affects how they swim and feed. Always check the weather and plan ahead. Fishing in freshwater? Sunrise is the ideal time to do so.

4. Stay hydrated
Bring along plenty of liquids to keep you hydrated and pack some snacks to keep you going. You never know when you’ll get your first catch!

5. Become a knot pro
Practice tying simple knots, until they become second nature. You can move onto different knots later.

6. Explore different sites
Try your hand at Surf Fishing. Firstly, you may want to join someone that’s experienced in this field.

7. Be patient & have fun
Bring along friends and family on fishing trips. If you have friends that are experienced, you’ll get the hang of it quicker.

Once you have the basics tied down, and have experienced a few fishing trips, be sure to experiment and try out different types of Fishing. Go Deep Fishing (takes place in waters that are 30 feet or more deep) with the experts; it makes for a thrilling experience! Here, you will also learn boat safety guidelines, etc.

Most importantly, get out there, get your feet wet and enjoy this new experience. If all else fails, you’ll still have the scenic beauty of being outdoors in nature!

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