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6 May 2016

Every year from November to February, we run our Kids for Kids project. If you’re not familiar with it, Kids for Kids is an initiative that raises funds for a non-profit organisation, the Children’s Hospital Trust. It means anyone can make a difference in the lives of children – just by purchasing selected products from our range.

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Want to get involved? Purchase any one of these Sea Harvest products before the 28th of February 2017,
and we will donate a portion of the sales to the Children’s Hospital Trust.

Since its establishment in 1994, the Children’s Hospital Trust’s sole purpose has been to raise funds for The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The money we raise through our Kids for Kids initiative goes towards purchasing vital life-saving equipment and to develop infrastructure for the hospital to help advance child healthcare.

"For the past six years, we have been involved with the Children’s Hospital Trust, enabling them to purchase equipment and develop infrastructure that saves lives," says Sea Harvest Sales and Marketing Director, Konrad Geldenhuys.

2016 marks the sixth consecutive year we’re running the Kids for Kids initiative. This year, proceeds from sales of Fish Fingers, Hake Bakes, Fish Burgers, Oven Crisp, Fish Cakes and Fish Nuggets products before the end of February 2017 will be used to purchase four ICU incubators for babies.

All four incubators which are each worth R493 000, will be an essential addition to the Neonatal High Care Unit. These incubators, called Giraffe Warmers, are a modern innovation that eliminate the need for large, overhead heaters.

Christened ‘Giraffe Warmers’ because of their long ‘neck’, these machines will allow doctors to easily observe their patients and perform small procedures, while keeping babies that are recovering from injury or illness warm and more comfortable.

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Proceeds will be used to purchase four Giraffe Incubators for the Neonatal High Care Unit

All-in-all, this is a cause that is very close to our hearts and we’d like provide as much assistance to the Children’s Hospital Trust as we can. So, if you’d like to contribute, please show your support for our Kids for Kids initiative by either spreading the word or purchasing our Kids for Kids products before 28 February 2017 to help us reach our target.

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