Sea Harvest Launches a Recycling Project with Saldanha Bay Schools

5 May 2023

SALDANHA BAY: Sea Harvest launched a Schools Recycling project called ‘Trash to Treasure’ with five schools in the Saldanha Bay area. The project is aimed at educating the youth about recycling and developing a culture of recycling at schools within communities where the company operates .

Sea Harvest Group Sustainability Manager, Naseema Elias, says, “It is our hope that by addressing recycling at a school level, we can teach learners at a young age that they can make a difference to their environment. It will help shape an important culture of recycling in this country and contribute to the preservation of our resources for future generations.”

The project involves Sea Harvest installing recycling bins at various local schools, where the children can separate their waste, as well as the installation of collection bins. A third -party recycling company will then recycle the waste collected and the school will collect a rebate for all recyclables collected. According to Elias, Sea Harvest will further provide training to all participating schools on how to recycle and on the importance of recycling.

“All of this will be at no cost to the school, and our hope is that this project will encourage others to do their part in ensuring that they contribute to the waste economy,” she states, adding that, “This project would not have been possible without the willingness of the school Principals to engage and have Sea Harvest collaborate with their schools, or without the Saldanha Bay Municipality who has been leading the front by facilitating recycling within the Municipality.”

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