Volume in Hake South Africa

28 November 2016

How Sea Harvest Uses Hake to Employ More than 2 000 South Africans

The fishing industry in South Africa is an important cornerstone of the country’s economy. It is also an industry known for supplying the marketplace with high volumes of hake and many other types of fish in South Africa. Thousands of people throughout the country’s coastal regions make their living off the sea, teaching the secrets of the ocean from one generation of fishermen to the next.

Our history dates to 1964, where we started out in the harbour town of Saldanha on the West Coast. We started out catching, processing, and marketing Cape Capensis, but our operations have expanded significantly since then. Today, we employ more than 2 000 people, and have the capacity to catch and process over 40 000 tonnes of Cape Capensis each year.

We also own all our own fishing vessels and processing facilities on the Atlantic West Coast in Saldanha, as well as on the Indian Ocean coast in Mossel Bay. It took us a long time to establish our efficient operations, but thanks to the use of new technology and processes, and to our commitment to ongoing development, we are able to deliver fresh and high volumes of hake to South Africa’s dinner table every night.

Taking Our Business to the World

All our shore-based plants incorporate the very latest equipment and techniques to produce an extensive range of natural and coated products destined for both retail and foodservice markets locally and abroad. Since our inception, we have been packing for a selection of international brands. Our products are also marketed internationally under the Sea Harvest and Cape Haddie brands, as it became clear there was a high demand for quality fish products from South Africa on a global scale. One of our core competencies remain our flexibility in catching and processing raw material according to our valued customers’ specifications.

Throughout our many decades of operations, we have been building relationships and partnerships with customers on a global scale, and we are proud that some of these relationships have been in existence for nearly half a century. Today, we supply high volumes of hake not only to the South African market, but to many international markets, which include:

  • Italy;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Holland;
  • Germany; and
  • Switzerland, among many others.

Going The Extra Mile for Customer Satisfaction

We remain committed to meeting and satisfying our customers’ neds, and to ensuring that Cape Capensis is recognised as a premium fish species globally. This commitment is honoured by the Harvest Lindiwe, arguably the most technically advanced vessel of her kind in the world. We commissioned the Harvest Lindiwe to take our operations to the next level, and she has not let us down.

This vessel is fully fitted with the very latest on-board processing technologies and equipment, and specialises in the catching and processing of Cape Capensis while at sea. We continue to work hard to remain at the cutting edge of our industry, and do right by our team of thousands of professionals, we look forward to what the future holds for our company and our industry.

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