It’s that time of the year again! This year marks the 9th Kids for Kids initiative for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. We have pledged to donate a guaranteed R300 000 this year with your help!

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust is dedicated to children that are predominantly from impoverished communities throughout South Africa and Africa.

Meet nine-year-old Bukhobakhe from Philippi, Cape Town. He is one of the many children who have benefited from the Kids for Kids Initiative. Bukhobakhe had been battling with leaking fluid from his left ear since the age of 2. His mum would take him to doctors who would prescribe antibiotics and diagnose it as an ear infection. In March 2016, Bukhobakhe’s parents took him to see a specialist at the Carel Du Toit clinic in Mitchell’s Plain and were immediately referred to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. It was here, where further testing was done on his left ear, that he was diagnosed with significant hearing loss due to holes in his eardrum. Bukhobakhe was then added to the Weekend Waiting List for Mastoid Surgery – which would repair his eardrum and restore his hearing back to full capacity. The Weekend Waiting List Initiative was established to address the lengthy waiting list of children requiring surgery, by adding in an additional day of surgeries (a Saturday) to the hospital’s operating schedule. Thanks to this initiative, Bukhobakhe was able to have his operation five months earlier than originally scheduled!

You helped Bukhobakhe by supporting our Kids for Kids Initiative.

Here are some quick facts and milestones about this amazing hospital:

  • In 1950, the hospital performed the first open heart surgery on a child
  • In 1960, the hospital performed the first successful separation of conjoined twins in South Africa
  • Since 1968, 208 kidney transplants have been performed
  • Since 2010, the Kids for Kids Initiative has donated a total of R2.42 million towards various projects run at the hospital
  • 805 children have received Saturday surgeries since 2011
  • Last year, the hospital performed a total of 6,475 operations

You can support our Kids for Kids Initiative by simply purchasing select Sea Harvest crumbed products. Funds raised this year will go towards the Weekend Waiting List Initiative – where the long waiting list for non-critical surgeries is performed on Saturdays. In 2016, The Weekend Waiting list helped 132 children! You can also make a direct donation on the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust website:

Hundreds of thousands of children are benefiting from this great cause! Thank you to all our customers who have supported this heart-warming initiative over the years! You are truly making a difference in the lives of sick children.