Sea Harvest Foundation

12 April 2022

How the Sea Harvest Foundation Is Driving Social Transformation

In this day and age, companies and corporations can no longer afford to sit idly by while the country faces serious social and economic issues. Wealth and profitability are major drivers for any corporation, but the underpinning values and commitment to improving the world are what make them a standout brand. We at the Sea Harvest Group continue to support social transformation via phenomenal initiatives within South African communities, and we do so through our Sea Harvest Foundation. This foundation is a not-for-profit company (NPC) that focuses on various areas of development while we aspire to become an ethical, responsible, and diversified global Group.

Sea Harvest Foundation

Community Upliftment Since 1998

The Western Cape is revered worldwide for its phenomenal scenic beauty, vibrant flora, and fascinating wildlife. From magnificent mountain views to the crisp, briny waters of both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, this province is brimming with opportunity and excitement. It is also where our Group’s South African Fishing operations take place, with a fleet of factory freezer and wet fish trawlers. These operate out of Cape Town, Saldanha Bay, Mossel Bay and Durban. As a Group, not only is it imperative that we demonstrate exceptional care for our employees, but also for the communities in which we operate. The Sea Harvest Foundation, therefore, aims to develop projects that uplift and empower areas along the Cape West Coast as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). By investing in these key communities, we help them thrive, create wealth, and work towards a brighter future. Since its inception in 1998, we have used our foundation to drive powerful change and positively impact South Africans.

Key Focus Areas of the Sea Harvest Foundation

Following an insightful impact study conducted in 2016, the Sea Harvest Foundation restated its key focus areas, namely:

  • Education and youth development: Previously marginalised communities are still dealing with many difficulties today. We aim to assist them in becoming active, valuable, participating members of society with much to contribute. Our 2021 bursary programme was made up of 95% black beneficiaries studying towards various tertiary qualifications.
  • Healthcare: It is essential to us that both our employees and local community members have access to basic, quality healthcare. We have invested millions of rands into this endeavour which includes the provision of social services, transport to medical facilities, and support of various medical institutions.
  • Community development: To date, we have supported several vital initiatives that drive social upliftment at a community level. From feeding schemes and community-focused government programmes to supporting local aspiring business owners, we believe change starts from the bottom up.
  • Early childhood development: We support early childhood development (ECD) centres and continuously assist them financially as we believe it plays a significant role in every human’s overall wellness.

The Sea Harvest Group is currently one of the largest employers and drivers of economic empowerment on the Cape West Coast. Our Foundation is just an extension of our commitment to those living in our surrounding communities and their well-being. For more information on our NPC and projects we are currently undertaking, be sure to contact us today.

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