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Did You Know…
Did you know that, in 2019, the Sea Harvest Group broke with the “Sea Harvest tradition” of only doing fish and expanded its product basket to include dairy products? The [...]
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Environmental Sustainability in Fishing Industry
Why We Are Proud to Support Environmental Sustainability in the Fishing Industry The ocean covers a large portion of the earth’s surface – over 70%, and much life on earth [...]
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Community Projects by Sea Harvest
Community Projects Undertaken by the Sea Harvest Foundation in 2021 From the very beginning, we at the Sea Harvest Group had much more in mind than merely the fishing industry. [...]
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Sea Harvest Foundation
How the Sea Harvest Foundation Is Driving Social Transformation In this day and age, companies and corporations can no longer afford to sit idly by while the country faces serious [...]
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SA Fishing Industry
Sea Harvest’s Investment in SA Fishing Industry The South African hake industry is a significant contributor to the SA fishing sector with an estimated value of  R4.8 billion (2019). Sea [...]
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Sea Harvest and Job Creation
Sea Harvest and Job Creation for a Sustainable Economy Sea Harvest is committed to job creation, transformation and sustainable fishing. With the company rooted in Saldanha Bay in the Western [...]