26 November 2020

Enjoy the Best Fish and Seafood from a Trusted Supplier in South Africa

Sea Harvest has a long history of supplying premium-quality fish and seafood to retailers, food markets, and restaurants around the world. Indeed, because of the Sea Harvest method of freezing and processing freshly caught fish, you can enjoy the best seafood anytime of the year, whether you live at the coast or inland.

Our products range from wild-caught skin-on salmon fillet cuts, to head-on Vannamei prawns. Getting whole seafood to the table with all the freshness still inside is thus no longer a privilege reserved for coastal residents.

Taking a look at the range of Sea Harvest products will give you an idea of the variety available. Consider how delicious the crumbed squid rings are, or perhaps you are in the mood for deveined prawns? What about flavoured crab sticks, or perhaps hake bakes?

Whole seafood and fish dinners can form part of your weekly meal planning. If you want to host a kiddie’s party, you can always add a few of the scrumptious fish fingers, while the fishcakes are perfect for breakfast proteins. Impress guests with your hake or kingklip fillets, and ensure that every seafood meal at your home is remembered for wholesome goodness. Buy the frozen whole seafood or fish products from our product stable, and benefit from consistency in size and taste.

In need of inspiration? Simply make use of our recipe section on the Sea Harvest website for easy-to-prepare meal ideas and stunning recipes. If you want to make peri-peri prawn kebabs, you will love our recipe section. Likewise, expect to be impressed with the chilli-prawn pasta recipe, or even the mussel chowder for the perfect cool-evening dish.

Everybody, from home cooks to restaurants, benefits from the wide range of whole seafood and fish products on offer. Whether you want crumbed, buttered or grilled dishes, have a look at the recipe and product sections, and you will understand why buying Sea Harvest products is the first step in ensuring wholesome goodness on every plate.Apart from our freshly caught fish, which is frozen and processed using sophisticated equipment to ensure freshness, we import a whole range of seafood from reputable suppliers. The products in this range include prawn, squid, salmon, and mussels, and are marketed and supplied to the hospitality and catering industries.

Buy the best seafood and fish from a trusted supplier of premium-quality products in South Africa. Look out for the Sea Harvest brand to enjoy whole seafood and fish dinners that are nutritious and scrumptiously delicious.

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