Sustainable Fishing

28 December 2021

Sea Harvest’s Part in Sustainable Fishing

With many marine species under threat, it’s now more important than ever to protect, preserve and responsibly manage fish resources. Sustainable fishing has never been more vital than right now. Research has shown that a large portion of sea-based food resources has already been depleted or is nearing depletion.

As many as 33% of fisheries are already depleted or close to depletion. In addition, a third of fisheries are on the decline. With these figures in mind, Sea Harvest’s part in sustainable fishing is undeniably crucial for ensuring long-term food security and lower environmental impact of due large-scale fishing.

Sea Harvest has already stepped up to the plate to lead, promote, support and actively participate in far-reaching sustainable initiatives. It’s the focus on environmentally-responsible practices of the company, which has made it possible to operate for over six decades, employing thousands of people while giving South African consumers responsibly caught and processed fish and seafood.

As Terence Brown, the Operations Director of Sea Harvest Group has explained in an interview: “We are all accountable for our people and our planet, ensuring that our carbon emissions are well-managed and ensuring that we respect the environment, both on land and at sea.”

Sea Harvest has a long-standing relationship with Government, ensuring that the company follows the correct procedures, maintains quotas, and adheres to regulations regarding the volume of fish being caught.

The firm is also a member of the Responsible Fisheries Alliance, which supports actively promotes projects which put ocean sustainability at the forefront of sustainable marine resource use. Sea Harvests part in responsible fishing includes close collaboration with conservationists and government agencies to ensure that “best in-class” management procedures are in place as to ensure the maintenance of the marine environment for future generations.

With the bulk of every catch being Cape hake, the company is able to supply both local and international demand with delicious and highly-nutritious fish. The South African deep-sea hake trawling sector is the first and only fishery in the country to have achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. With this certification, the local trawling industry show that they catch fish with the least possible environmental impact, keep within catch limits and manage marine resources responsibly.

Sea Harvest’s hake products meet the MSC certification requirements, giving consumers the assurance they need that the fish products they buy from the brand have been sustainably caught and processed. With sustainable fishing as one of the company’s core principles, it leads by example.

Sea Harvest has also received recognition from the Princes Charles Sustainability Trust for the firm’s part in sustainable fishing practices, whilst creating employment and supporting communities where it operates.

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