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13 December 2016

Learn More About Sea Harvest – The World Leader in Cape Capensis 

In 1964, we set up operations in the harbour town of Saldanha on the West Coast of South Africa. Here, we set out to catch, process, and market Cape capensis, more commonly known as hake. Since our inception, our operations have expanded dramatically. Today, we process over 40 000 tonnes of Cape capensis each year.

That is an incredible amount of fish; are there really that many people eating it? Truth be told, we’re working harder than ever to keep up with the demand! How do we pull off this feat? With a strong team of dedicated employees totalling well over 2000. Our team works hard to bring the delicious goodness of hake to millions of plates each year. It is an efficient and cost-effective operation, with continuous development of new technology and processes to make it easier and more affordable for you to afford the tasty goodness of Sea Harvest fish products.

All our shore-based plants incorporate the latest equipment and techniques to produce a range of natural coated products, both for retail and foodservice markets, locally and abroad. We have been packing for a selection of leading international brands since we started out, and we also market our own products internationally under the Sea Harvest and Cape Haddie brands. It seems people around the world are after our delicious fish products too!

Shining a Light on Sea Harvest’s Operations

Our fresh fish processing plants in Saldanha and Mossel Bay are built on deep-water quays. This makes it possible for our trawlers to tie up alongside and offload into the factory, thereby becoming part of the production line. All our fresh fish factories produce an extensive range of natural products including loins, fillets, steaks, and portions. These products are either plate frozen, blast frozen or individually quick frozen for foodservice and retail markets around the world.

Aside from our frozen products, fresh head-on and gutted fish as well as chilled fillets are packed in these facilities, and then freighted to international markets. Our state-of-the-art processing plant in Saldanha is accredited by the British Retail Consortium, and produces a wide range of products that are crumbed, battered, char-grilled, or sauced according to market requirements. We also own our own cold storage facilities, equipped with mobile racking with a capacity of holding more than 6000 pallets.

Making Fish a Staple in South Africans’ Diets

We are aware that for many kids across South Africa, the prospect of fish for dinner might not be as exciting as other South African delicacies. But we’re changing that with the release of our many recipe books, available for free download. Here, we give parents unending inspiration to take a plain fish dish and turn it on its head. These recipes are guaranteed to have your kids asking for seconds! Who says fish meals need to be boring and predicable? To learn more about Sea Harvest, and find out more about the fish products you feed your family, contact us today.

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