Saldanha: The Home of Sea Harvest

6 September 2018

Situated about 120km from Cape Town, there’s a timelessness about Saldanha Bay, our home.

The morning’s silence is broken by friendly seagulls, and a walk along the harbour will take you to our trawlers on the quayside, ready to set sail on exciting adventures.

Saldanha: The Home of Sea Harvest

Did you know?

  • Saldanha has the biggest, deepest and safest natural harbour in the southern hemisphere.
  • It get its name from Portuguese explorer António de Saldanha – captain of the first European ship to set anchor in Table Bay in 1503. Table Bay bore his name until 1601 when it was renamed, and the name Saldanha Bay was transferred to the current location.
  • In the 1990s Sea Harvest farmed mussels in Saldanha Bay. The mussels grew on thick ropes dangling in the water from rafts floating in the bay.
  • In South Africa, the first fish fingers produced by Sea Harvest was in the early 1970s in our Saldanha Bay factory.
  • Expect gorgeous views in Saldanha. Look out for the two massive, granite, vertical rocks known as Adam and Eve, situated on the hill above the town.
  • The bay accommodates vessels with a draft of up to 21.5 meters.
  • The current population of the municipality is estimated at 72,000.
  • Saldanha’s local economy is dependent on the vibrant fishing industry, mussels, seafood processing, the steel industry and the busy harbour.
  • The town is home to the SAS Saldanha naval base – the largest training unit for the South African Navy.
  • The community members are known as ‘Baainaars’.

Saldanha: The Home of Sea Harvest

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